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Bushehr Beach Resort to Open in March

Bushehr Beach Resort to Open in March
Bushehr Beach Resort to Open in March

A sum of 150 billion rials ($4.3 million) has been invested in the first phase of Bushehr’s beach resort, which is set to open before the Persian new year in mid-March, according to Hamid Heydari Baridi, head of the Bushehr Housing Foundation.

“The first phase of the project covers 17 hectares, roughly 20% of the 85 hectares allocated to the scheme,” Heydari told Tasnim news agency.

Pointing to Bushehr Province’s marine tourism potential, he said the province’s strategic location gives it an advantage. About 80% of Bushehr shares a coastline with the Persian Gulf.

“The province is replete with investment opportunities waiting to be seized,” Heydari said.

Bushehr’s attractions and tourism potential has largely been overlooked in favor of the region’s massive oil and gas reserves.

The first phase of the resort will be inaugurated on before Norouz, the two-week Persian New Year holiday season beginning on March 20. The resort includes two natural lakes.

Located off the Persian Gulf coast, the province of Bushehr boasts more than 700 kilometers of coastline, where beachgoers can enjoy the sun and sand with a variety of other holiday options.

Jashk Salt Dome in Dashti is one of the Middle East’s largest salt formations of its kind that draws tourists in large numbers during Norouz.

History buffs are also in for a treat, for the province, especially the provincial capital Bushehr, is filled with historical houses, a 19th century caravanserai, and Achaemenid-era royal tombs.