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Qajar Reservoir Discovered Under City Streets

Qajar Reservoir Discovered Under City StreetsQajar Reservoir Discovered Under City Streets

During excavations of the Jame Mosque in Doolab district of southeast Tehran, a water reservoir dating back to the Qajar period was discovered beneath the paved city street, Cultural Heritage News reported. According to archaeologist Qadir Afravand, who supervised the exploration of the historical site, the discovery took place during excavations conducted to ascertain the historical layers of Doolab district. The Doolab Mosque excavation, started in late September, and revealed many historical secrets about old Tehran. Some remains of the Seljuk era were discovered three meters underground, including an adobe aqueduct and glazed potteries. An eight meter deep water-well was also discovered in the middle of the mosque complex, raising questions as to the function the space may have served before the mosque was constructed and when the well was sealed and buried. There were also some coins discovered on the site, too rusted to be dated. The laboratory is working on the coins to obtain their date, which is a critical fact to reveal secrets of Tehran’s history.