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Medical Tourists Urged to Apply for Proper Visa

Medical Tourists Urged to Apply for Proper VisaMedical Tourists Urged to Apply for Proper Visa

Foreign travelers seeking medical services in Iran have to apply for health visas, as receiving treatment while on a tourist visa is against the law.

Today, a large number of tourists enter the country for treatment after obtaining a three-month visitor visa which is unlawful.

“We are trying to issue medical treatment visas for this group of travelers and avoid irrelevant visas,” said Seyyed Hassan Khalili, head of the Health Ministry’s office in Fars Province, IRNA reported.    

Speaking at a meeting with the head of the provincial Iran Red Crescent Society, the official called on the IRCS to make necessary arrangements and set up offices abroad which can help foreign medical tourists connect with a legal agent in Iran, inform them on cost of travel, treatment, accommodation, and even sightseeing and pilgrimage.

The ministry has reportedly eased medical visa regulations in an attempt to promote the sector. By issuing medical visas, officials believe they will have better data on the number of health tourists that come to Iran and the purpose of their visit, which will help optimize medical services.