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Iran Planning Cruise

Iran Planning CruiseIran Planning Cruise

A tourist cruise connecting Iran to Muscat, Salalah (in Oman) and Mumbai is expected to be launched this year, said a representative of an Iranian shipping company.

An initiative is being studied with the support of Iran’s Ports and Maritime Organization to launch a cruise, Abdolhussein Khedri, chairman of Khedri Jahan Darya Company, eTurbonews reported.

“Each planned cruise journey is expected to take between a week to 10 days,” Khedri said during Iran’s second solo exhibition in Muscat held January 26-30.

“There is no doubt that Iran has great tourism potential but still many attractions in Iran, especially those which would be interesting for Omanis, are still unknown to them,” he said. “For example, visiting the ancient ruins of Persepolis is on most European tourists’ agenda, but it may not be interesting for an Omani.”

An Omani tourist would find the northern parts of Iran or places such as the Dizin Ski Resort much more fascinating, Khedri noted. Iran’s northern regions are famous for their dense forests, impressive sea shores and spectacular mountains.

  Medical, Religious Tourism

Muhammad Mohammadzadeh, chairman of Rah Abrisham Marine Shipping Agency, also believes that ski resorts in Iran would be appealing for many Omanis. Other popular places to visit include hot springs in northern and western Iran.

Hot springs in Iran have been drawing many visitors, especially those looking for traditional hydrotherapy.

Mohammadzadeh said Iran has a huge tourism potential, not only in the field of leisure tourism but also medical and religious tourism, given its many tourist attractions, religious sites and hospitals and medical professionals.

However, he believes the tourism potential remains untapped and should be promoted.  The official said his shipping company is much more than just an agency as it is seeking to open new markets in the tourism sector.

Rah Abrisham is the representative of shipping services between Iran and the Persian Gulf Sultanate of Oman.

The neighboring Arab country has had friendly relations with Iran for decades both before and after the revolution.  More recently Sultan Qaboos bin Said mediated between Washington and Tehran on some of the most complex political issues, including the July 2015 historic nuclear deal Iran signed with the US and five other world powers. Muscat was also instrumental in the release of several Americans charged in Iran for spying and illegal entry.

According to the Iranian Embassy in Muscat, the flow of tourists from Iran to Oman increased by 10% in 2014 and the number of Iranian visas issued to Omanis showed an increase of almost 37% in the same period.

  Oman Air Flights

Oman Air has added a second daily flight to Tehran and there are plans to start flights between Oman and Mashhad and Shiraz.

Oman Air recently announced that it plans to increase the number of flights to Tehran.

Apart from its majestic natural landscapes ranging from the lush greenery near the Caspian Sea coasts in the north to the Persian Gulf shores in the south, Iran has many prominent cultural sites, 19 of which are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, reflecting the country’s rich and ancient civilization.