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Kandovan Homes for Rent

Kandovan Homes for RentKandovan Homes for Rent

Located in northeast Iran at the foot of Mount Sahand, the mound-like homes are carved from volcanic rock, meaning that most of the materials needed to construct them were already located on site. Technically, the dwellings aren’t true underground homes since a portion of them sits above ground, but since much of the living space is buried, inhabitants can expect naturally cooler temperatures during the day without the needs to turn up the air conditioning, thus saving a lot of energy.

The style of the homes is not as basic as it may appear, since many additions and alternations have been made over the last 700 years. There are modern doors and windows mixed in with more ancient looking carved out rooms and openings. While the area might look appear ancient, it’s actually a rather up-to-date resort locale with hotels, restaurants and a special mineral water famed for its healing properties.

Tucked away in Kandovan are some of the most amazing houses one could ever hope to buy – seven centuries old cave homes carved right out of the local stone formations that jut up from the Earth, much like those in Cappadocia.

Many spaces are for rent to tourists and others are even for sale at (perhaps) surprisingly cheap prices. It is a popular resort area with hotels, restaurants and a special mineral water famed for its healing properties.

Some of the architecture is above the surface but much is also carved out underground where temperatures are lower during the day.

The architecture itself is eclectic mix, blending traditional masonry and stone-carving techniques with more updated doors and windows and in some cases quite contemporary fixtures and modern furniture – not exactly the cave dwellings of our ancient ancestors.