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Investments in Kish Island

Investments in Kish Island
Investments in Kish Island


Close to $54 million is being injected in 19 large projects to develop Kish Island, announced the CEO of Kish Free Zone, Aliasghar Monesan, reports Donyay-e-Eghtesad.

With tourism development being the zone’s central policy, most of the projects are related to tourism and recreation, he said.

Kish includes the four islands of Kish, Hendurabi, Faror, and Farogan. Development of Hendurabi has already begun, and, “we are now drafting the comprehensive development plan for this strategic island,” he added.  

There is are further plans to develop the four islands, however, all the projects so far have been financed by the private sector. Monesan also noted the advances made towards health tourism, with the development of the Kish hospital and the founding of its subspecialty department.

Kish is also turning into a cosmetic surgery hub among Persian Gulf states.