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Oman Looking at Iran Market

Oman Looking at Iran Market
Oman Looking at Iran Market

With the Oman-Iran Trade Exhibition set to open on January 19 in Khasab, Oman, the Persian Gulf Arab state aims to lure Iranian businesses and foreign investment.

Omani officials see the three-day event, which aims to promote their products in the Iranian market and explore partnerships with Iran, as an opportunity to introduce Iranian investors to tourism in their country and encourage investment in the sector, Muscat news outlets reported on Sunday.

The expo seeks to introduce and promote Oman’s cultural heritage and history, as well as the traditional crafts of Musandam, to create a work environment and provide investment opportunities, according to a report published on the online version of Muscat Daily.

The event is organized by the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Khasab branch, in cooperation with the office of the governor of Musandam.

Iran and the sultanate have had cordial ties both before and after the 1979 Islamic Revolution. In recent years the Arab state under Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said has played a key role in mediating between Tehran and Washington over highly complex issues, namely the long and drawn out dispute over Iran’s nuclear energy program.    

With help from the good offices of the sultan, Iran and the six world powers (the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany) signed a historic deal in Vienna that will end the international economic sanctions on Tehran in return for curbs on its nuclear program.