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Ilam Sites Disappear as Dam Takes Water

Ilam Sites Disappear as Dam Takes WaterIlam Sites Disappear as Dam Takes Water

Iranian water officials’ affinity for dam construction has not only been harming the environment, but it has also taken a toll on ancient sites.

According to Alireza Sardari, director of the Archeology Unit at the Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism, five archeological sites dating back to 3000 B.C. have been completely submerged due to the construction of Kangir Dam in Ilam Province.

Speaking to ILNA, the archeologist said the powers that be did provide RICHT with the necessary funds to conduct research on the eight sites that would be submerged once the dam takes on water.

“We asked for the money in 2007, but instead of giving us what we wanted in a timely manner, they gave us a meager amount in September,” Sardari said, adding that his team had only two months to study the vast area.

The eight-year delay and low funding did not allow the team to complete their studies on time, and the regional water authority began filling the dam with water a few weeks ago.

“Our request to hold off a while longer fell on deaf ears, and now five sites have disappeared under water,” he complained.

Sardari said one of the sites is a prehistoric village “of immense historical value.”