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Sustainable Tourism Seminar

Sustainable Tourism SeminarSustainable Tourism Seminar

A conference on developing sustainable tourism in protected areas is scheduled for December 15 at Allameh Tabatabaei University in Tehran.

Organized by the university’s Tourism Research Center, it brings together Iranian and international experts on ecotourism and its policies, according to a press release.

Professor Ralf Buckley, director of the International Center for Ecotourism Research at Australia’s Griffith University will also attend. Griffith University is renowned for its close collaboration with the UN World Tourism Organization in the fields of tourism research and education.

Iran’s potential for ecotourism has been battered in recent years thanks to the absence of workable policies and carelessness of tourists and locals.

If done right, ecotourism can empower locals and help protect the environment.

Finding a way to reconcile tourism development with environmental protection is among the most challenging issues in management of the protected areas, especially in Iran, and the meeting seeks to brainstorm solutions to some of those challenges.