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Isfahan Privatizing Historical Sites

Isfahan Privatizing Historical SitesIsfahan Privatizing Historical Sites

The Isfahan governorate has stepped up efforts to restore and repair historical heritage in the tourist province by transferring their ownership to the private sector. “We’ve devised plans to repair historical structures so they can be opened to the public,” the governor general, Rasoul Zargarpour, was quoted as saying by the Persian daily Donya-e-Eqtesad. One priority of the province is to raise awareness toward historical and cultural sites and keep the public informed about the latest developments in the restoration process of those sites. “We need to come up with a package that introduces investment opportunities to potential investors, and encourage them to buy historical sites through a fair arrangement,” he said without elaboration. There are approximately 600 structures in the province that are of historical value, most of which are in need of significant restoration work. Close to 517 historical buildings in the province are registered on the National Heritage List.