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Mahshahr Looking at Maritime Tourism

Mahshahr Looking at Maritime TourismMahshahr Looking at Maritime Tourism

Developing maritime tourism is a priority of Bandar Mahshahr Municipality, as the southern port city seeks to capitalize on its geographic location to attract tourists from across the country.

“Clean beaches and access to the Persian Gulf make this region a great tourist spot. The municipality has a mission to invest in maritime tourism, especially sailing facilities,” said the mayor of the city, Gholam Hussein Kamayee, according to MANA news agency.

He called on domestic and foreign investors to finance tourism projects saying “the return on investment will be quick and profitable.”

Once the commercial port begins operation, Bandar Mahshahr will become Khuzestan Province’s third major tourist city, after Abadan and Khorramshahr.

The commercial port will also help boost the local economy and create jobs and in the process pave the way for investment in marine tourism.  

Bandar-e Mahshahr is an ancient city and port in oil-rich Khuzestan Pprovince in southwestern Iran.

Despite the lucrative nature of maritime tourism, the sector has received little attention in Iran, which is why the sector generated hardly $1 million last year.

Boasting eight port cities, Khuzestan is well positioned to reap the benefits of marine tourism subject to effective planning and new investments.