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Apple Village of Firuzkuh

Apple Village of Firuzkuh
Apple Village of Firuzkuh

The touristic complex of Dehkade-Sib ‘apple village’ in Firuzkuh county, Tehran Province, is under construction, IRNA quoted Hamid-Reza Mashhadi-Abbasi, the representative of Firuzkuh and Damavand in Majlis as saying.

The project will create entertainment and job opportunities for the locals. By reducing paperwork and facilitating the procedures required to obtain permits, investors should be encouraged to step forward and start enterprises that provide people with jobs and revenues, Mashhadi-Abbasi said.

The touristic complex of Firuzkuh Sib Village will feature a water park, river, mall, amusement park, lodging village, hunting ground, wild park, conference hall, museum, hospital, and a cable car stretching as long as 2,700 meters.

Last week, the first phase of the cable car became operational. Nine international companies are working on the project. With the support of the provincial officials, the remaining obstacles will soon be removed, he hopes.

The construction of the project commenced in 2006. Once opened, the complex will certainly receive massive groups of visitors, mainly from Tehran.

According to the contractors, the project is the largest of its kind in the Middle East, including three different sites of 65, 167, and 234 hectares.

It is estimated that 2,600 people will be working at Firuzkuh Sib Village.