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Travel MoU With Russia

Travel MoU With RussiaTravel MoU With Russia

The Iranian and Russian governments signed an agreement on Monday to facilitate travel between the two countries for certain citizens, such as businessmen, according to Sputnik News. It was signed during President Vladimir Putin’s trip to Tehran on Monday for the first time in eight years to strengthen political and economic ties.  The news comes on the heels of a recent agreement between the two states which entails setting up what they call “tourism development offices” in Iran and Russia to expand tourism ties. Russians, along with a host of other nationals, are issued visa on arrival at Iran’s international airports, a measure taken by the Rouhani administration to facilitate travel and lift the hospitality industry. While details of Monday’s agreement are scarce, some believe it includes measures to waive visa requirements for Russians traveling to Iran on a package holiday, a point which Samiollah Hosseini Makarem, the development deputy at Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, had said last week would be a topic of discussion between tourism authorities of the two countries.