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Scientific-Strategic Tourism Conference

Scientific-Strategic Tourism ConferenceScientific-Strategic Tourism Conference

The first scientific-strategic conference on tourism closed on October 20. Supported by Civilica, the official publisher of the country’s conferences, the event was organized under the auspices of Touristic Research Institute of University Jihad in Mashhad, Khorasan Razavi Province. The conference aimed to draw the attention of officials to the challenges facing the country’s tourism industry, and to propose strategies within the framework of an effective program, IRNA quoted the scientific affairs secretary of the conference Mozhgan Azimi. It is of great importance to devise such a program when the 6th Development Plan of the country is about to be prepared, she said. Some 438 articles were received at the Secretariat of the conference, 312 of which were chosen by a board of jurors, comprising of 70 experts in the field, for various presentations during the two days of the conference. Some 80 articles were chosen for oral presentation, 130 for poster presentation and 102 for abstracts. Eight panel discussions and 10 expert level workshops were also held. Regional development of tourism in Khorasan was the special theme of the conference.