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Learning to Read Cuneiforms

Learning to Read Cuneiforms Learning to Read Cuneiforms

Students in Dezful, Khuzestan Province, are being taught how to read cuneiforms. The courses are part of a national program named Mirasban (Persian for heritage guardian), and have been conducted in six schools, director of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Department in Dezful, Yaqoub Zolqi, told IRNA. The program is being implemented in cooperation with the office of the Education Ministry in Dezful.  “Students who have been taking the courses have made progress. Zolgi said, adding that the program aims to raise awareness toward cultural and historical heritage among the youth. “When students learn about things they’re interested in, they share the knowledge with their friends and family,” the official said. Currently, the first phase of the seven-stage program is being conducted in Dezful.