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Neyshabur, the Museum-City

Neyshabur, the Museum-City
Neyshabur, the Museum-City

In his visit to Neyshabur in Khorasan Razavi Province, the head of Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization (CHTO) Masud Soltanifar reminded the historical significance of Shadiakh site, and considered registering the monument on the world heritage list, Dolat Information Center ( reported.

According to him, Neyshabur is in fact a museum-city, a treasure of cultural and touristic attractions, and it should be managed accordingly.

Soltanifar urged haste in exploration of Shadiakh site which covers an area of 36 hectares. So far, only 1% of the site has been explored. The exploration should continue to be able to define the boundaries of the historical site.

Under the auspices of Neyshabur Municipality, the screening of Shadiakh has become more convenient, he said. After the screening, those areas containing historical items will be devolved to CHTO, and those devoid of such items will be passed to other entities.

Soltanifar called for compilation of Neyshabur comprehensive tourism plan in the fastest possible way. He also visited the mausoleum of Attar of Neyshabur, the poet, hagiographer, and theoretician of Sufism.