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Biggest Delay Airlines Announced

Biggest Delay Airlines  Announced
Biggest Delay Airlines  Announced

Close to of 2,227 local flights took off with a delay in Shahrivar, the last Iranian Calendar month (23 Aug-22 Sep), reported CHN. Three major local carriers: IranAir, Aseman and Mahan accounted for the majority of the delays, Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization announced Saturday. Iran Air, averaged 92 minutes delay per take-off, accounting for 23% of the total delays, and topping the list. Aseman, with 334 delayed flights out of 817 total flights accounted for 16% of the total delays.

Mahan Airlines with 850 total flights, had the most operated flights during Shahrivar, among 14 local carriers, out of which 416 flights experienced delays, accounting for 15% of the total delays.

The inability to fix or replace spare airplane parts due to the unfair US-led Sanctions on Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities are said to be partly responsible for this state of affairs.