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Sang-Chehreh Toppled by Tourists

Sang-Chehreh Toppled by Tourists
Sang-Chehreh Toppled by Tourists

Sang-Chehreh, Iran’s famous balancing rock in Sarfaryab District, Kohgilouyeh-Boyerahmad Province, has been destroyed, the governor of Sarfaryab said.

“While climbing the rock, one of the tourists slipped and fell, and in doing so, broke a leg and toppled the rock,” Gholamhossein Atashsoda was quoted as saying by IRNA.

The large rock, which had remained balanced on a smaller one for hundreds of years, overlooked the abandoned village of Mahgardi. The rock, called Sang-Chehreh, was three meters long and two meters wide.

Due to its location on the edge of a cliff, the rock was visible from long distances in all angles.

Sang-Chehreh inspired awe in everyone who laid eyes upon it. But this was until four seemingly careless tourists decided to a take a photograph while standing atop the precarious rock.

In cooperation with Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, regional officials have launched an investigation into the incident

“If the investigation proves that the tourists were responsible for the accident, legal action will be taken,” Atashsoda said.

Regional officials had only recently started using Sang-Chehreh to promote tourism, but the accident rendered all such efforts futile.

Reports of vandalism and destruction of heritage sites in recent months have prompted activists to call on tourism official to organize events and programs to instill a sense of responsibility toward historical and natural heritage in people.