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Heritage Restoration Neglected

Heritage Restoration NeglectedHeritage Restoration Neglected

Restoration of historical heritage sites is one of the government’s top priorities that has not yet received the attention it deserves, according to a board member of the Fund for Restoration and Administration of Historical and Cultural Places.

“The biggest threat to our cultural heritage and historical buildings is inattention to their current dire state,” Nosratollah Tajik was quoted as saying by ISCA.

“A large number of historical structures are in a state of disrepair and unless swift action is taken, we risk losing them.”

Tajik said it takes more than just the government to revamp dilapidated buildings.

“NGOs play a key role in restoring historical and cultural heritages,” he said.

Tajik, who is also a former ambassador to Jordan, said buildings in need of repair must first be identified across the country.

He said restoring these structures will help create jobs and is in line with the principles of sustainable development.

“More importantly, it helps empower Resistance Economy, which involves the use of national resources and capacities to progress,” he said.

The official said the fund is aiming to turn historical buildings into economic opportunities.

“Clear regulations and attractive investment opportunities can attract domestic and foreign investors, encourage them to develop tourism infrastructure, restore historical buildings and create jobs,” he said.

Tajik pointed to the private sector’s disinclination to even consider investing in historical and cultural heritages, and attributed their lack of interest to lackluster promotion of investment opportunities.

“We have to create an atmosphere conducive to investment to encourage private investors to use their untapped financial resources to fund restoration projects,” he said.