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Tourists Risk Their Lives Trying to Take Selfies

Tourists Risk Their Lives Trying to Take Selfies
Tourists Risk Their Lives Trying to Take Selfies

A tourist suffered severe injuries after falling into the scalding-hot El Tatio geysers in northern Chile late last week, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

The unidentified Belgian woman, who was attempting to take a photograph of the popular desert tourist attraction in San Pedro de Atacama, sustained burns to more than three-quarters of her body and is currently being treated in a Santiago hospital. The injuries are reportedly life-threatening.

The woman’s husband also suffered burns on his arms while attempting to rescue her, per the Herald.

The geysers, which are among the many popular natural attractions that draw visitors to San Pedro de Atacama, are known for propelling piping-hot water and steam out of the earth. Therefore, visitors are encouraged to take caution.

Last week’s incident is the latest in a string of similar tragedies involving tourists and cameras.

Last month, a Japanese tourist fell to his death from a staircase at India’s Taj Mahal while attempting to take a selfie.

Prior to that, a man in Spain was fatally gored by a bull while attempting a selfie during a festival.

Other tragic incidents involving tourists, including ones in Russia, prompted that country’s police force to launch a campaign urging people to use common sense and caution when attempting photography in risky situations and environments.