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No 4-Star Hotel in Alborz

No 4-Star Hotel in AlborzNo 4-Star Hotel in Alborz

The lodging capacities of Alborz Province are limited to three 3-star hotels and a few apartment hotels and guesthouses, director general for tourism in the Alborz Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Department said.

“We need both private investment and government facilities,” Ahmad Torkashvand also told IRNA last week.

In sum, Alborz has three 3-star hotels, four 2-star hotels, three one-star hotels, five apartment hotels, six guesthouses, six residential complexes and six boarding-houses.

In addition to foreign tourists, the province is the most traversed one in the country. Travelers from 13 other provinces cross Alborz to reach their destinations.

“We intend to inaugurate four 4- and 5-star hotels by March 2016. They have been completed by about 90% so far,” Torkashvand said.

As of now, rental houses and villas can be used as temporary lodging solutions. They are going to be catalogued, each with a unique ID.

For this purpose, a private company named Khosh-Neshinan is assigned to call volunteer owners of villas and rentals to present their properties for lodging of tourists.

“This is only temporary and not adequate,” he said.