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Airline Pilot Dies Mid-Flight

Airline Pilot Dies Mid-FlightAirline Pilot Dies Mid-Flight

An American Airlines pilot died mid-flight after experiencing a medical emergency on Monday, airline officials confirmed to ABC News. The flight was en route from Boston to Phoenix when someone reported to air traffic control via cockpit radio that the “captain is incapacitated” and “pilot is unresponsive, not breathing”, according to recordings obtained via The name and age of the pilot were not released. There were 147 passengers and five crewmembers aboard, including the co-pilot, who took over the flight controls and made an emergency landing in Syracuse, New York, Travel Pulse reported. An airline spokesperson told ABC News it is “incredibly saddened” and is focusing on taking care of the family members and crew involved. An airline spokesperson also said one of the flight attendants happened to be a nurse and jumped in to assist the stricken pilot.