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Travel Industry Welcomes UN SDGs

Travel Industry Welcomes UN SDGsTravel Industry Welcomes UN SDGs

Leaders of the major global travel and tourism associations have today welcomed the adoption of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

The Global Travel Association Coalition, which represents the leading public and private bodies in the travel and tourism sector, attests to the global importance of the SDGs and the role of the travel and tourism sectors in their realization, eTurbonews reported.

Speaking on behalf of GTAC, David Scowsill, president of the World Travel & Tourism Council, said travel and tourism has the potential to contribute directly or indirectly to all of the goals.

“As one of the largest and fastest growing economic sectors in the world, travel and tourism is well-positioned to foster economic growth and create jobs throughout the world to meet Goal #1: end poverty in all its forms everywhere,” he said.

In particular, tourism has been included as a specific target in goals #8, #12 and #14 on inclusive and sustainable economic growth, sustainable consumption and production, and the sustainable use of oceans and marine resources.

Scowsill added that the Sustainable Development Goals will play a major role in framing our world for the next generation.

“The Global Travel Association Coalition, representing the major public and private bodies in the travel and tourism industry, welcomes their adoption and the part that our sector will play in making them a reality,” he said.