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Iran’s Festival of Tribes Going Global

Iran’s Festival of Tribes Going GlobalIran’s Festival of Tribes Going Global

The 10th Festival of Iranian Tribes’ Culture will also host tribes from Central Asian countries. Speaking to CHTN, Ebrahim Karimi, director of Golestan Province’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Department, said the 10th edition of the festival, scheduled for 2016, will provide a platform for dialogue between Iranian and Central Asian tribes, which can “help bring people closer”. The official, however, did not name the countries. Karimi hailed the reception of this year’s festival, which opened on September 15 in the provincial capital Gorgan and said Golestan is the perfect example of how people with different cultures and traditions can coexist and live in harmony. “This year’s festival put emphasis on rural tourism and its importance to the industry,” he said.