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Selfie Fever Claims Yet Another Life

Selfie Fever Claims Yet Another LifeSelfie Fever Claims Yet Another Life

A Japanese tourist was killed after falling down a staircase at India’s Taj Mahal on Thursday.

Citing an eyewitness account, the BBC reported that the man was seen taking a selfie at the mausoleum’s Royal Gate when he slipped and fell.

Authorities said the man, identified as 66-year-old H Ueda via the Times of India, lost consciousness immediately after the fall and was later pronounced dead after being rushed to the hospital.

Ueda was accompanied by three other people, one of whom also fell down the stairs, sustaining a fractured leg in the process.

Officials informed the Japanese Embassy of the death and an investigation into the incident has since been launched.

While undoubtedly tragic, injuries and deaths stemming from selfie attempts have increased of late. The rise in incidents even inspired the Russian government to launch a campaign urging people to avoid the act in risky situations.

As recently as last month, a man was fatally gored by a bull while taking a selfie during a bull running festival in Spain.

Selfie sticks, devices used to allow travelers to take more unique selfies, have also been mired in controversy, with many museums and art galleries banning them.

Over the summer, park workers at Disney California Adventure actually shut down a ride early because a passenger was using a selfie stick.