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Neighbors Anxious About Historical Sites

Neighbors Anxious About Historical Sites Neighbors Anxious About Historical Sites

Neighbors of Eynodoleh Garden, located near Heravi Square in Tehran, have complained to city officials and the media against suspicious activities threatening this monument of Qajar era, Cultural Heritage News reported.

In spite of the city council’s numerous warnings, the garden has been destroyed, as a result of large scale construction excavations conducted in the vicinity.

Recently, a member of the city council, Mohammad Mehdi Tondguyan, blew the whistle on the tragic fate befalling this monument as part of a report, and asked the municipality to revoke the construction permit of the perpetrators.

Eynodoleh Complex was owned by Prince Abdolmajid Mirza.  Eynodoleh was a title granted to the prince himself, meaning ‘eye of the state’.  Abdolmajid Mirza became governor of Tehran after Naser al-din Shah’s death, and later the minister of interior.

In 1903, Eynodoleh was assigned to chancellorship of the state. He is well remembered for his charitable deeds; he sold many of his lands to help the underprivileged people of his time.

Thus, he suffered bankruptcy in his final years. His creditors pillaged all his belongings; and the Eynodoleh House and Garden were passed on to a new owner named Basirodoleh.

Basirodoleh moved to the building with his family. His son Dr Nosratolah Heravi inherited the property which then went to Heravi’s daughter Shirin Heravi. In 1997, an agreement was signed between the last owner and the municipality of Tehran, and as a result, the complex became public property.  Finally, in 2008, Eynodoleh House was transformed to a gallery.