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Plans to Open Handicraft Shops in Tajikistan, Azerbaijan

Plans to Open Handicraft Shops in Tajikistan, AzerbaijanPlans to Open Handicraft Shops in Tajikistan, Azerbaijan

Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization is planning to open handicraft outlets in Azerbaijan and Tajikistan, the organization’s handicrafts deputy, Bahman Namvar Motlaq, said in meetings with the ambassadors of  the two states.

In his meeting with Tajik Ambassador in Tehran Nematollah Imamzadeh, Motlaq called for more collaboration between Iran and Tajikistan, and announced ICHHTO’s intention to establish two handicraft outlets in Tajikistan, the Persian daily Donya-e-Eqtesad reported.

“Shared culture and history between the two countries provide the grounds for extensive cooperation in various areas of the handicraft industry,” he said.

Motlaq noted that it is important to facilitate the participation of artisans from the two countries in international exhibitions.

“We are ready to exchange artists and prepare conditions for economic gatherings and educational events, such as handicraft expos. We are also interested in sharing our experience in e-marketing and organizing international exhibitions with handicraft professionals of Tajikistan,” he said.

Meeting the Azeri Ambassador to Iran Javanshir Akhundov, Motlaq expressed ICHHTO’s intention to expand mutual ties and spoke of the organization’s plan to establish two handicraft shops in Azerbaijan.

“Joint projects would provide a strong basis for further activities and expansion of markets. By supplying basic materials such as silk, handicraft production can be boosted,” he said.

Akhundov echoed Motlaq’s sentiments and said, “Handicraft universities and educational centers in Iran and Azerbaijan should enter into cooperation to publish scientific sourcebooks and brochures on handicrafts.”

He referred to handicraft market as significant for developing cultural and economic ties between handicraft patrons of the two countries.

“For promoting and creating awareness about provincial handicrafts, exhibitions are important. When the two countries cooperate to organize such exhibitions, they are in fact developing their mutual ties,” he added.

Akhundov said raising awareness regarding regional handicrafts is important and joint exhibitions help boost mutual ties and allow artisans from both countries to meet.