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Kerman to Host Int’l Desert Marathon

Kerman to Host Int’l Desert MarathonKerman to Host Int’l Desert Marathon

Adventurous tourists will gather in Kerman Province’s Shahdad Desert to participate in the International Desert Marathon scheduled for April 27-29, 2016.

“The marathon will be a great chance to introduce Kerman’s attractions, especially its exquisite and vast deserts, to the world,” said the manager of Italian travel agency L’agenzia di Viaggi, Massimo Tardi, Borna News Agency reported.

Speaking at a meeting to coordinate the event, the manager said Iran was selected once more to host the marathon “because of its rich culture, customs, traditions, food and tourism services”.

Tardi lamented the lack of comprehensive information on Iranian deserts and said, “Only a handful of people have visited Iran’s deserts in the past decade because of lack of publicity.”

He said the marathon will provide an opportunity for Kerman to present its assets to the world as participants from countries spanning four continents—Europe, Asia, Africa and South America—will attend the event.

“Participants will serve as an ambassador to encourage others to visit Iran and Kerman in particular,” he said.

Shahdad is a part of Lut Desert, which is known as the world’s hottest spot. The desert is home to unique yardangs rarely seen by westerners.