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Air Hostess Suspended for Not Serving Alcohol

Air Hostess Suspended for Not Serving AlcoholAir Hostess Suspended for Not Serving Alcohol

Charee Stanley is a flight attendant by trade as well as a practicing Muslim. Dictated by her faith, she cannot imbibe or serve alcohol—the latter, of course, a common task for air hostesses. According to a CNN report, Stanley claims her employer ExpressJet has suspended her due to this religious requirement and she’s fighting to get her job back. “Stanley converted to Islam about two years ago,” Lena Masri, an attorney with Michigan’s chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, and Stanley’s lawyer, said. Masri relates that the flight attendant learned just this year that her religion prevents her from serving alcohol, alerting her supervisor to this fact on June 1. Stanley was sent a letter on Aug. 25 announcing the revocation of her religious accommodation related to the serving of alcohol and informed her that she was officially on administrative leave. “They have paid her unpaid leave and they advised her that her employment may be terminated after 12 months,” Masri said to CNN. The attorney has requested that her employment and accommodation of her religious beliefs be reinstated.