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Uraman Takht Edges Closer to Global Status

Uraman Takht Edges Closer to Global StatusUraman Takht Edges Closer to Global Status

The file to inscribe Uraman Takht on UNESCO’s World Heritage List has been compiled and will soon be submitted to the international organization, according to the governor general of Kurdestan Province. Abdolmohammad Zahedi said Uraman (a village in Uraman Takht rural district) is an exemplary region and has major development potential, Mehr News Agency reported. He said the global status will attract international attention to the region, which can help boost tourism. Uraman is cradle of Iranian art and culture since ancient times. Thanks to the preservation of its heritage, architecture and a unique traditional religious ceremony, namely Pir Shalyar, Uraman Takht Village is known as one of Iran’s most impressive villages.