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Anzali Saturday Bazaar

Anzali Saturday BazaarAnzali Saturday Bazaar

The harbor city of Bandar Anzali, Gilan Province, is an ancient city with old heritage and traditions.

It is worthwhile for travelers to Anzali to stroll along the harbor promenade, visit the old lighthouse or clock tower called Minaret, the palace of Mianposhteh, and edifices of City Hall and Motamedi, as well as the wonderful lagoon dividing the city in two halves.

The city has a unique fisherman’s bazaar under the old Anzali Bridge. For a hundred years fishermen have brought their catch there.

If lucky, travelers can also visit the Saturday Bazaar, ‘Shanbeh Bazaar’. Every week, this 70 years old bazaar is held along the river-side on Mirza-Kuchak-Khan Street, Cultural Heritage News reported.

Villagers of Gilan gather around in the bazaar and present their goods including fruits, vegetables, processed foods, fowls, baskets, wickerwork, wools and rugs. The displays are jubilantly colorful; do bring a camera along.