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Katalekhor Cave Safe, Well-Equipped

Katalekhor Cave Safe, Well-EquippedKatalekhor Cave Safe, Well-Equipped

No mishap has been reported for visitors to Katalekhor Cave, situated 155 km south of Zanjan in the past 15 years.

“All along the 2,500-meter pathway that takes tourists inside the cave and back again, tourist guides accompany visitors in scheduled trips,” manager of Katalekhor Cave Complex, Majid Youzbashi told, ISNA.

“The complex is equipped with facilities including lighting, pathway, lodging and emergency measures. All tourist guides have participated in first aid and relief courses. In case of emergency, an advanced team would be dispatched from Zanjan, Youzbashi said.

Katalekhor Cave is in Saqizlou Mountain near the small town of Garmab, 80 km south of Khodabandeh County and 173 km north of Hamedan. The oft-taken path to the cave is via Zanjan - Khodabandeh Road where natural attractions glorify the trip.

Katalekhor originated from limes of Oligocene, the 3rd epoch of the Tertiary period of Cenozoic era, when continents neared modern positions. Thus the cave can be as old as 30 million years. Katalekhor is among few caves of the world with three distinct levels.