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Campaign to Dispel Tourist Concerns

Campaign to Dispel Tourist ConcernsCampaign to Dispel Tourist Concerns

Iran’s Federation of Tourist Guides Association has come up with a campaign to dispel the concerns of tourists traveling to Iran.

In a meeting at Gileboom eco-lodge in Qasemabad Village, Gilan Province, Arash Nour-Aqaei, the head of the association, made the announcement before presenting a report on measures taken by Tehran to ensure the 17th World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations’ convention in 2017 will be a success, Mehr News Agency reported.

Hundreds of guides from around the world will travel to Iran to attend the international event.

Expounding on the campaign—called “One Million Green Lights”—he said it is a survey of international tourists about the country’s security situation.

“Every foreign tourist at the airport, before leaving the country, will be asked a few questions about their experience in Iran. The results will be recorded and put up on a website. Tourists will switch on the green light if they believe the security condition of Iran for tourists is acceptable,” he said.

Iran’s slogan for the 17th convention is “Iran: Open Arms, Ancient Charms”, said Nour-Aqaei, adding that a carpet adorned with the slogan will be woven and hung in the Federation of Tourist Guides Association in Austria.

He asked eco-lodge administrators to hang convention banners in return for advertisement on the association’s social network profiles.

Nour-Aqaei said three books on Iranian tourism will be published before the convention takes place.

Entitled “Tourism Records”, “Iranian Hospitality” and “History of Traveling in Iran”, the books aim to promote Iran’s tourism potential.

The official said a cycling tour across Iran, from Mazandaran Province to Bushehr Province, aimed at publicizing the convention will be organized sometime in October.

The 2017 WFTGA convention coincides with the 10th festival and conference of Iran’s Federation of Tourist Guide Associations to be held on the sidelines of the convention.

“The event provides a perfect opportunity for domestic and international tour guides to meet and interact,” said Nour-Aqaei.