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Iranian Visas Issued in 4 Days

Iranian Visas Issued in 4 DaysIranian Visas Issued in 4 Days

Iranian visa issuance takes two to four days, director of the Passport and Visa Office at the Foreign Ministry said.

Mojtaba Karimi added that many foreign tourists do not know that they can get Iran’s visa as early as 48 hours, ISNA reported.

Demand for travel to Iran has seen a market increased over the past two years and it is expected to grow further, following last month’s historic nuclear accord between Iran and the six major world powers.

Facilitating visa issuance has been a major policy of Iranian officials to help the country achieve its ambitious tourism goals. With Iran’s oft-criticized strict visa regulations, the government has taken steps to ease visa issuance and extend its validity.

“Most visas are approved in two days and it takes an extra 24 hours to be issued.”

In July, Iran waived visa requirements for citizens of Azerbaijan, Syria, Turkey, Georgia, Bolivia, Egypt and Lebanon. Currently, travelers from across the world, except for 10 countries, can obtain 30-day visas on arrival at Iranian airports. The 10 countries are Colombia, Somalia, Britain, Canada, USA, Bangladesh, Jordan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.