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Hamedan’s Historical Districts

Hamedan’s Historical DistrictsHamedan’s Historical Districts

Three historical neighborhoods of Hamedan will be restored, Mehr News quoted executive director of Omran and Maskan Sazan Company of Hamedan Province Mohammad-Ali Asadi as saying.

There were 51 such historical neighborhoods in Hamedan, of which only three have remained.

The districts Golpa, Kababian, and Haji still retain their old, traditional forms; only the bathhouse of Golpa District has been destroyed, while the bathhouse of the Haji Disrtict has been transformed into a gallery.

Urban development of Hamedan has grown out of different neighborhoods, each following a distinct culture and tradition, Asadi said.

Two years ago, the company proposed the restoration program to the ministry of road and urban development. According to the program, the historical buildings will be restored on the basis of their old plans.

Traffic is one of the major challenges faced in the restoration process. Downtown Hamedan is laden with a network of narrow alleys incessantly clogged with cars. The program also aims to alleviate the traffic surge in the targeted neighborhoods.  

The restoration program has been in its research phase for 10 months. A total of $112,500 was allocated to the research that has progressed by 30% so far.

The restoration of the districts Kababian, Haji and Golpa will officially commence in the coming spring, Asadi added.