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Funds for Developing Eberou Tourism Facilities

Funds for Developing Eberou Tourism FacilitiesFunds for Developing Eberou Tourism Facilities

Eberou Village in Hamedan Province has received a significant cash injection to help execute projects for developing its tourism facilities, according to Hamedan Governor Ali Ta’ali. He said the government has allocated 7.73 billion rials ($233,000) to Eberou, Mehr News Agency reported. “A planning committee will assess the projects and allocate funds accordingly. High-priority projects will receive funding earlier,” the official said. Among the projects to be constructed in Eberou is a multipurpose sports complex. Approximately 1.7 billion rials ($51,000) will be spent on improving the village’s infrastructure, while 2 billion rials ($60,000) have been set aside to develop the transportation network connecting Eberou to nearby villages. With around 500 people, the idyllic Eberou Village features narrow alleys, old bathhouses and a cemetery dating back to at least 300 years. The village’s standout characteristic is the stony exterior of its houses.