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1001 Nights Train Bids Farewell!

1001 Nights Train Bids Farewell!1001 Nights Train Bids Farewell!

The second train belonging to the 1001 Nights tours departs this morning, October 11, from the Razi border crossing in northwestern Iran, Nour Mohamad Amiri, head of public relations of AITO tours, told Financial Tribune.

The train which spent a week touring the country, will continue its journey into Turkey. There are 65 international passengers from Germany, Turkey, Italy, England, Russia, Switzerland, Austria, France, Spain, and Singapore aboard the train.

The tour visited the Iranian cities of Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd and Zanjan.

The first group of passengers entered Iran by train on September 29 and flew out on October 4 via Tehran’s Imam Khomeini international airport (IKIA).

The tours are a joint cooperation among Antonina, a Turkish company, AITO, an Iranian tour company, and Lernide, a German Company.