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Tehran- Ankara Rail Route Suspended

Tehran- Ankara Rail Route SuspendedTehran- Ankara Rail Route Suspended

After the explosion on the Tehran-Ankara railroad, all scheduled trips have been suspended until further notice, said the spokesperson of Islamic Republic of Iran Railways, Ramiz Qolinejad, on Friday. Trips will be resumed once Turkish authorities confirm the railroad is secure, the Persian daily Jam-e-Jam quoted Qolinejad as saying. A remote-controlled mine was detonated on the rail line east of Turkey on Thursday, causing damage to a train traveling from Ankara to Tehran. The train continued on its journey toward Van Lake after the damaged car was separated. All 180 passengers were moved to an Iranian train in Van station. No injuries or casualties were reported.  The Trans-Asian service was traveling between Genc in Turkey’s eastern Igdir province.  Passengers arrived in Tehran on Friday midnight.