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Qeshm to Rival Emirates in Camel Racing

Qeshm to Rival Emirates in Camel RacingQeshm to Rival Emirates in Camel Racing

Emiratis buy camels of Qeshm Island at high prices to score in races. However, things are about to change, as the Qeshm Free Zone Organization has decided to exert some control on the trade and export of local camels.

The organization is planning to establish the most advanced camel racing track in the Middle East.

“Camel racing is already being practiced on Qeshm Island, Hormozgan Province. The race is held on most Fridays and on various occasions,” ISNA quoted director general of the organization, Hamidreza Momeni, as saying.

There is a camel racing track near Gavarzin Village in Howmeh rural district of Qeshm and Emiratis are powerful rivals. They pay huge sums for camels born and bred in Qeshm and have dominated the camel riding sport in the region.

“Execution of the plan requires commitment and cooperation; we should put our backs into the sport,” Momeni said.

The official said the track has great potential and noted that successful execution of the plan will have a substantial effect on the economy.

“Once the project is complete, we will have the most advanced camel racing track in the Middle East,” he said.

Momeni emphasized that no effort will be spared and said “money is not an issue”.

Pointing to the large population of camels on the island, he said Qeshm has everything it needs to rival the UAE.

Endemic to southern Iran, the “Jammazeh” camel, for instance, is uncharacteristically fast, which has garnered it the nickname “flying camel”. Due to their fast pace, they are highly sought after in the Persian Gulf littoral countries for camel racing events.