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85% of Visitors to Qom Shrine Are Europeans

85% of Visitors to Qom Shrine Are Europeans85% of Visitors to Qom Shrine Are Europeans

Some 2,800 tourists from non-Muslim countries visited the shrine of prominent Islamic personality Hazrat Fatima Massoumeh (AS) in Qom during spring.

European tourists constituted over 85% of the visitors, most of whom were from Germany and Italy, ISNA reported.

To help familiarize foreign tourists with Hazrat Massoumeh (PBUH), Public Relations Office of the shrine has published booklets in English, Arabic and Urdu. The booklets will also be available soon in Spanish, French, Azeri and Turkish.

The office plans to publish brochures in different languages on various topics, including Islamic principles, status of Prophet Jesus (PBUH) in Islam and other religious subjects.

Foreign visitors visit the shrine in groups and are accompanied by experienced translators who give information about Irano-Islamic culture. Educational sessions on Islam are also held for foreign tourists who can pose questions to religious experts.

Most tourists find the spiritual atmosphere of the shrine wonderful and refute lies and accusations made against Islam and Iran in their sites, blogs and social networks.

The rise in the number of non-Muslim visitors to Islamic sites in Iran highlights the failure of sections of western media campaign against Iran and Islam,