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Emiratis Most Demanding Travelers

Emiratis Most Demanding TravelersEmiratis Most Demanding Travelers

A recent study revealed the nationalities that give the best and worst hotel reviews.

The Travel Smarts study, courtesy of, analyzed more than seven million hotel reviews from travelers across the world on the accommodation site, Travel Pulse reported.

Apparently, Russians are the most generous hotel reviewers, while travelers from the UAE are the most demanding.

The average review score—on a scale from 0 to 10—was 8.52. But Russians (0.56 points higher than the global average), Egyptians (+0.47), the Irish (+0.43) and Poles (+0.42) gave scores well above the average.

On the other hand, travelers from the UAE (0.32 points lower than the average), Japan (-0.30), Oman (-0.29), India (-0.28) and Qatar (-0.24) were the most discerning.

American travelers gave the 10th-best score on average (0.18 points higher than the average).

Interestingly, Chinese travelers, who are being heavily targeted by the travel industry due to a rise in affluence and an easing of visa restrictions on the massive population, gave the eighth-best score (+0.27). That is good news for the hotel industry.

Given the sample size, this study is not a bad measure of how demanding different nationalities around the world are these days.

It is also not much of a surprise that Emirati travelers are so demanding. The country is rife with luxury properties and luxury travelers tend to expect the very best for their money.

“Travelers from different countries tend to have different review rating standards depending on their travel patterns, spending power, and just general likes and dislikes,” said John Brown, chief operating officer of