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Interest in Iran Growing After Nuclear Deal

Interest in Iran Growing After Nuclear DealInterest in Iran Growing After Nuclear Deal

Iran is becoming an increasingly popular destination for global travelers after it signed the nuclear deal with six world powers on July 14.

According to new research released by Skyscanner, a global travel search engine, between 26 June and 5 July, the number of worldwide searches for flights to the country grew by close to 30% compared to the previous 10-day period, travel website Asia Travel Tips reported.

The number of Hong Kong people searching for flights to Iran actually doubled. However, the biggest search increases were seen in European countries, with Denmark up 48%, Germany 36%, the Netherlands 33% and the UK 32%.

Italy and Sweden demonstrated increases of 25% and 20% respectively.

Interest in Iran is also on the rise in nearby states, with the search volumes in Turkey growing by 34%, the UAE by 33% and 29% in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

“With its outstanding historical heritage, rich culture and natural resorts, Iran has a lot to offer international travelers. Top destinations include the bustling metropolis of Tehran, the impressive gardens of Shiraz, the UNESCO World Heritage Site at Persepolis and the epic architecture of Isfahan,” said Fang Fang, Skyscanner’s Hong Kong marketing manager.

“In addition to its unique manmade heritage, the country offers travelers access to some of the world’s best beaches on both the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf. Mountain peaks near resorts such as Dizin and Shemshak rise to altitudes of over 5,000 meters.”