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UNESCO Urges More Iranian Conservation Measures

UNESCO Urges More Iranian Conservation Measures
UNESCO Urges More Iranian Conservation Measures

The World Heritage Committee assessed the condition of historical sites on the World Heritage List, as well as those on the verge of inscription on the World Heritage in Danger List.

In the 39th session held during June 30-July 8 in Bonn, Germany, the committee reviewed reports submitted by member countries containing detailed information about the measures taken to preserve the sites, ISNA reported.

The committee then provided each country with a list of measures to better protect world heritage sites.

The Cultural Landscape of Bam in Kerman Province and Naqsh-e-Jahan Square in Isfahan were two Iranian sites that were assessed.

  Cultural Landscape of Bam

The current level of preservation in Bam was approved by the committee. Acknowledging Iran’s efforts to protect the site, the committee called for maintaining the same level, said cultural heritage deputy at ICHHTO, Mohammad Hassan Talebiyan.

The committee, however, did ask Iranian authorities to permanently relocate the residents of Amir-al-Momenin Township from the periphery of Bam, the official revealed.

“The process needs a comprehensive plan and will have to take place gradually,” Talebiyan said.

  Naqsh-e-Jahan Square

The official said safeguarding Naqsh-e-Jahan is a matter of significance and based on urban plans, the Isfahan subway is to pass under the square.

“Isfahan Metro Company must prepare a report, sectioned into four categories, and submit it to UNESCO for review. Until UNESCO’s decision is made, all construction operations will cease,” he said.

Talebiyan added that the metro company had prepared a comprehensive report prior to the World Heritage Committee session in Germany. The report was complemented with a separate report by ICHHTO.

“The jury were pleased with our measures to protect Naqsh-e Jahan and asked for updated reports for further review,” he said.

  Meymand Village

UNESCO also asked Iran to develop a precise plan to further control the visits of tourists to Meymand Village to reduce and prevent any harm on the newly-inscribed site.

With the inscription of the historical village of Meymand in Kerman Province and the ancient city of Susa in Khuzestan Province on the World Heritage List during the 39th session, Iran now boasts 19 world heritage sites.