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Loans to Support Kurdestan Ecotourism

Loans to Support Kurdestan EcotourismLoans to Support Kurdestan Ecotourism

Kurdestan Province’s tourism officials have secured bank loans to develop tourism infrastructure as part of the province’s ecotourism plans.

Omid Entrepreneurship Fund will cooperate with Kurdestan’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Department to help fund tourism projects, said the department’s tourism deputy, Arman Vatandoust. Mehr News Agency reported.

Renovating historical buildings in villages and repurposing them into eco-lodges are two of the more important projects that will receive funding.

Vatandoust said developing ecotourism will help promote local arts and crafts, and create jobs, which will boost the economy.

“Priority is given to projects in less developed rural areas,” he said.

  Tourism Festivals

Pointing to different tourism festivals in rural districts of the province, Vatandoust said this year three festivals will be held in select villages and cities.

Events include grape and pomegranate festivals, which will be held in Baneh and Uramanat respectively.

Iran’s tourism authorities aim to hold summer events as fixed annual programs to increase the country’s profile and attract domestic and foreign tourists, Vatandoust said.

Such events can be used to promote rural attractions and products, for instance handicrafts, and help expand ecotourism.