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Jump-Starting Coppersmithing

Jump-Starting Coppersmithing Jump-Starting Coppersmithing

The ancient and dying craft of coppersmithing received a much-needed financial boost to facilitate its revival in North Khorasan Province. Speaking at the craft’s revival ceremony, head of North Khorasan’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Department, Mohammad Savidanloui, said the industry received 500 million rials ($15,000) as ex gratia payment to help jump-start it, ISNA reported. The money was used to equip workshops. Coppersmithing is the 18th dying craft in Iran to be revived so far and there are plans to save other crafts. According to Savidanloui, training artisans and promoting dying crafts can contribute greatly to the preservation and revival of crafts. Encouraging people to buy Iranian art and craft instead of imported luxury goods can help prevent the demise of Iranian handicrafts. “Without demand, ancient crafts will eventually become obsolete,” he said.