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Ilam, Babil Sign Tourism MoU

Ilam, Babil Sign Tourism MoUIlam, Babil Sign Tourism MoU

Tourism officials from Iran’s Ilam Province and Iraq’s Babil Province have signed a memorandum of understanding to expand tourism ties.

Ilam and Babil share a 430-km border where Mehran Border Terminal handles bilateral trade and transfer of travelers.

Sections of the MoU, signed after reciprocal visits AND negotiations, are within the authority of the two provinces’ governorates that also pursue its implementation. Easing the visa procedure and facilitating vehicle transit between the two sides are among those sections, CHTN reported.

“The agreement will help organize reciprocal tours, tourism festivals, cultural events and handicraft exhibitions. It will also facilitate collaboration concerning archeology, export of handicrafts and the design of travel packages in both Persian and Arabic,” said Abdolmalek Shanbezadeh, the head of the provincial office of Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization.

Shanbezadeh noted that the activities of the private tourism companies of both provinces are also included in the accord and their cultural heritage organizations will only play a supportive role.

Officials of Ilam and Babil paid two mutual visits to in April and May respectively. The trips were aimed at reaching mutual understanding and paved the way for the current MoU.

Seven Iraqi officials led by Babil Deputy Governor Wisam Asslan S’oud Mashhad visited Ilam on April 22 and conveyed the invitation of Babil Governor Sadiq Madlool Hamad Jasim to Ilami officials to visit Babil.

In May, an Iranian delegation from Ilam traveled to Babil for three days. They held meetings with the Babil officials and representatives of travel agencies to discuss tourist exchange programs. Ilami officials also visited Babil’s historical and cultural attractions.