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Acculturation Program Boosts Sareyn’s Appeal

Acculturation Program Boosts Sareyn’s AppealAcculturation Program Boosts Sareyn’s Appeal

Sareyn in Ardabil Province is a prime example of how an acculturation program can transform a small town into a pleasing tourist destination.

Since May 26, however, a new initiative called the Program for Organizing Tourist Guides has been launched, CHTN reported.

Qader Taqizadeh, Ardabil Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Department’s deputy for tourism, said the department has coordinated with the guild association of Ardabil’s lodging facilities to organize eco-lodges in Sareyn.

“Enthusiastic youths were invited and 30% of the program were implemented in 20 days,” he said.

Earlier, when its inn-keepers and shop-owners had not become accustomed to the large influx of tourists, citizens and tourists alike complained about the nuisance of noise pollution.

The gateway to Sareyn, in particular, was an intense scene of rivalry among barkers who pursued the most primitive way of attracting attention. Cries advertising places to stay and things to buy created an unbearable din.

At present, the barkers have been silenced by law. Instead, 120 tourist guides have been stationed in kiosks located at four corners of the town. The guides wear the department’s insignia indicating that they have been trained in receiving travelers and providing them with the required info.

Among the tourism kiosks, two are open round the clock: one at the town entrance and the other in the middle of the town near Laleh Hotel. The kiosks present brochures, but soon they will be able to provide info via Bluetooth.

The program is certainly a welcome substitution for barking and hawking, which has been appreciated by both citizens and tourists.

However, Taqizadeh warns any nepotism by tourist guides in favor of particular lodging units, beyond the program’s framework, will lead to the expulsion of a guide from the program.