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Paving Way for Ecotourism

Paving Way for EcotourismPaving Way for Ecotourism

Development of ecotourism in Iran depends on the Department of Environment, according to the director general of Iran’s National Ecotourism Committee. Speaking to ISNA, Mohammad Ali Fayyazi urged the DOE to make a decision on ecotourism regulations proposed by the department’s Natural Environment Office. “The regulations, drawn up a year ago by a working group operating under the supervision of the Natural Environment Office, aim to facilitate ecotourism investment in protected areas,” he said. The department divides protected areas into four categories: National parks, natural monuments, wildlife sanctuaries and conservation areas. “The proposed regulations outline how investments must be made and how tours must be organized,” Fayyazi said. “Should DOE approve the regulations, we will be able to establish agencies specializing in ecotourism and train guides to conduct tours in an eco-friendly manner.”