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Ancient Temple Unearthed

Ancient Temple Unearthed Ancient Temple Unearthed

A rescue excavation in Khorramabad airport area in Lorestan Province has led to the discovery of a stone temple, along with clay statuettes, bronze dishes, ancient potteries and graves containing crouched human remains.

Due to the expansion of the airport, hills of the region were in danger of destruction so a government-sanctioned rescue excavation was necessary to salvage historical relics, said the head of excavation team, Ali Sajjadi, according to ISNA.

Rescue excavation (also known as rescue archeology and preventive archeology is a for-profit survey and excavation carried out in advance of construction or land development.

The excavation project included stratigraphy to establish a timeline of events that had taken place at the excavation site. The project also aimed to define the layout of the architectural texture of the site.

Sajjadi explained that the discovered potteries belong to different cultural eras, including geometric period pottery and ochre colored pottery.