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Travel Industry in Breast Cancer Campaign

Travel Industry in Breast Cancer CampaignTravel Industry in Breast Cancer Campaign

This month kicks off Breast Cancer Awareness, and the travel industry from spas to hotels and even one airline are going pink, ABC News reported.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease, provide information and support for those affected, and raise funds for research.  The disease is the second most common cause of death amongst women and among the most common form of cancer.

The campaign’s color is pink and is marked with a pink ribbon.

This year the travel industry has joined the fight.  There are a host of hotels and spas around the world, who are selling pink themed products and donating a portion of the proceeds towards breast cancer research.    

Among them is the Dubai-based luxury hotel, the Burj Al-Arab, which is showing its support by ‘pinking’ up and projecting an image of the campaign’s pink ribbon on its façade and one US airline that has painted its plane pink in honor of breast cancer survivors.